Dynamic & Thermal Comfort

Well-being, comfort and technology in every step

Dynamic comfort
Walking Balance System

This consists of placing anti-shock material on the heel, protecting it from impact against the ground, and propulsive material in the metatarsus, to assist walking.


The anatomical shape’s main role is to follow the foot’s movements while stepping.


Lightweight materials to avoid overexertion with each step.


Materials that maintain their properties over time.

Thermal comfort

Open-cell materials that allow air to circulate, keeping the temperature from rising while wearing closed footwear.

Quick Dry

Absorbent fabric layer with quick-drying ability, to avoid the irritation of excessive perspiration.


Materials that protect and insulate from outside temperatures.


Materials that keep the foot’s temperature within a certain range.

We test our commitment to comfort

At Walkintech®, we have our own laboratories, where we test all our products and materials to guarantee that they comply with the quality required and regulations in force.

Discover our insoles


Insoles for well-being and comfort, with all the freshness, softness and resistance everyday footwear needs.


Specially-developed insoles that optimize athletic performance, protecting the foot from injury and reducing impact.


Insoles with specific features that provide additional comfort and reduce foot health issues.