Comfort insoles

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Comfort for daily footwear
Comfort insoles provide optimum comfort for the areas of the foot with receive the greatest impacts: the heel and metatarsus. The excellent mechanical properties and softness of the materials make them a favorite for all kinds of footwear.

Comfort is a commitment to well-being.

Specialized characteristics
The insoles are developed to improve distribution of bodyweight across the entire sole, helping with stability and decreasing friction caused by walking. The materials used fight unpleasant odors, absorb shocks and provide freshness to every step.

Comfort Insole




Top: 100% polyester fabric
Insole: PU foam + Memory foam

  • Thin profile under the toes for comfort
  • Different thicknesses between the metatarsal and the heel areas
  • Memory system with graduated compression: soft where the insole contacts the foot, hard in the central part to improve resistance to compression
  • Reinforcement to improve arch support
  • High side profile to adapt the insole to any size
  • Thin edges for comfort
  • Soft fabric to highlight the properties of Memory Foam

Pressure Plantar Test

Without insole

With Walkintech®


total pressure reduction


heel pressure reduction


metatarsus pressure reduction

Dynamic and thermal comfort





Quick dry

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