Our process

We accompany our partners step by step, from initial design all the way to the insole they need


At Walkintech®, we analyze each case so we can make a value proposition that meets your specific needs.

Aspects such as location, end purpose and end price for the product are essential during this part of the process.

We have a team of technicians who are experts at combining the anatomical shape of the insole with different materials to provide the best performance for each use and to optimize manufacturing processes.


We supply all the information you need to make the right decisions. At Walkintech®, we provide a comprehensive project, ranging from the 3D design of the product and the mold all the way to physical delivery of the insole, along with its technical specifications and all product details.

3D insole

(CAD file)

3D mold

(CAD file)

Product sample

(Physical insole + technical specifications)


We have our own laboratories where we analyze the technical characteristics of the insoles and their materials, so we can suggest improvements in line with each project’s needs and guarantee regulatory compliance.

Material tests

  • Load deflection
  • Compression set
  • Dynamic compression

Product tests

  • Weight
  • Thickness
  • Delamination

Use analysis

  • Comfort properties
  • Shock absorption
  • Water absorption/desorption

Pressure Plantar Test

  • Maximum pressure
  • Maximum pressure by zone
  • Maximum average pressure by zone
  • Reduction of average pressure


We produce internationally with our 10 subsidiaries, to provide you with the same product, anywhere in the world. At Walkintech®, we work with a standardization system, so we can provide production excellence and maintain the same level of quality at all our production centers: