Wellness insoles

Technologies for healthy feet

Wellness is healthy walking
Wellness insoles are designed to provide maximum protection and prevent joint pain. The insoles help to correct foot position in order to prevent pain with each step by uniformly distributing pressure and improving body posture.
Specialized characteristics
Technical insoles that are highly effective in preventing foot health issues. They have been developed with quality materials, such as PU foam, kevlar, gel and leather. Their ergonomic shape allows them to adapt to the foot’s anatomy, while maintaining comfort and breathability.

Flebological Insole




Top: 100% polyester fabric
Insole: PU Foam
Insert: Kevlar

  • Anti-slip fabric eliminates micro-movements of the foot
  • Anatomic profile ensures correct position of the foot
  • Prevents joint pain
  • Restores interdigital spaces
  • The arch of the foot rests on a soft insert
  • Kevlar insert provides stability
  • Soft metatarsal ball improves circulation of the blood

Pressure Plantar Test

Without insole

With Walkintech®


total pressure reduction


heel pressure reduction


metatarsus pressure reduction

Dynamic and thermal comfort

Walking Balance System





Quick dry

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